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Auto-dispenser for the liquid chemicals


Release date:[2015/6/25 10:52:33]    Source:TAIAN COMPANION MACHINERY CO.,LTD


Through the computer closed-loop control to automatic weigh the chemicals with high precision and through the PLC to precise control the pump and valve .This machine can assure the whole weighing process with no waste chemicals by rapid selected chemicals and precision weighing.
1、Put an end to the wrong chemical selection and high precise weighing.
2、Improve the weighing speed and accuracy rating .
3、Intelligent and easy operation with high efficiency can reduce the skill requirement for the operator.
4、Improve the work environment for weighing.
5、The shell of scale with fully stainless steel is easy to clean.
6、The machine with memorized and stored the weighing data can provide the data for the chemical consumption statement and traceability for the quality inspection.
7、The machine is small sized ,easy to install ,simple to piping installation ,which made the inspection and maintenance more convenient

Technical Parameters

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