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Automatic liquid assistant measure and deliver system


Release date:[2012/5/23 8:45:27]    Source:TAIAN COMPANION MACHINERY CO.,LTD


Automatic liquid assistant measure and deliver system
Numerically controlled and automatically measure and deliver the auxiliaries, precisely and timely.
Unmanned assistant weighing and distribution is another revolution in dyeing and finishing industry. Automation has changed the inaccurate and unpunctual weighting in traditional dyeing process, improved the product quality, reduced economic losses.
System Characteristics
can network with dyeing machine and central control system to run automatically, can also be single operation;
;With extensibility, can be used for automatic measurement and distribution of various assistant and water.
Precision electromagnetic flow meter, high precision, the standard accuracy of 0.35%; pulse frequency is 1000PPS, can participate in high-speed application
High-quality stainless steel piping and assistant barrels, can endure the corrosions of different chemicals
Three-way stainless steel valve, delicate design, long service life; precise casting inside valve, small flow resistance.
Special barrels for printing assistant, with magnetic reverse liquid level detector, on-line monitoring, offer high and low liquid level alarm;
Assistant feeding pump, to reduce labor intensity
Cleaning system by using water and then compresed-air to make sure no leftover assistant in pipe.

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