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Microwave dryer CMW,-80


Release date:[2012/5/23 7:56:46]    Source:TAIAN COMPANION MACHINERY CO.,LTD


the advantages 
Heating efficiency high,energy-saving effct is remarkable
the microwave frequency 2450MHZ,heating faster,no heat transfer during the heating,great energy saving,Compared with the conventional drying ways,the energy-saving of  the microwave drying machine is 30%-40%
Operation cost is low
Microwave drying machine adopts the multicavity magnetron  coupling and heating technology, Single magnetron failure will not affect the whole operation,low maintenance cost。
Selective Heating
Microwave only heat the Polarity molecules,not heat the non-polar molecules,so the microwave have selective heating performace.
Well homogenization
Due to direct-proportion for the material absorbability  of the electrimagnetic energy and moisture content,the material with more moisture content can absorb more energy,on the contrary,the material with less moisture content can absorb less energy,so the moisture content of material after drying is much evener,moistureregain rate can be controlled by adjustment of technical parameter。
Improve product quality 
●Microwave drying belong to low temperature drying, the fiber after microwave drying
●fiber move without dyeing swimming, no yellow,  no fade, no pollution. 
●reduce hairiness and has better handle and softness. 
●No affect the fiber strength
Timely heating
No need preheating when drying , open the magnetron can be running promptly , shut magnetron will stop drying immediately.
Identical heating inside and outside.
concurrently heating inside and outside of the material,avoid uneven moisture inside and outside
high reliability
All the electrical control system adopt international well-known brand,Guarantee the operation of equipment stability and reliability.
Lower running temperature with lower thermal radiation of the surroundings, easy to clean and environment friendly.
Many  shielding measures, the reveal of microwave conform to  national security standrad.

Control system
SIEMENS  touch  screen、PLC,  operation  more  intuitive  and  conrenient
PANASONIC  magnetron,stable  and  reliable  operation, long  life  service
SCHNEIDR,OMRON and the other well-known brand of low-voltage electric
Broad scope of application
cone of yarn、hank yarn、bulk fibre、carpet and fibre with all kinds of type
Used  for  cotton、ramie、wool、viscose、poly、nylon  ect


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