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Automatic dyestuff weighing and feeding system


Release date:[2012/5/20 8:57:33]    Source:TAIAN COMPANION MACHINERY CO.,LTD


Two models can be chosed from semi-automatic and fully automatic weighing .
According to the requirements of production, appropriate dye recipe generated by computer, after automatic weighing, dissolution, transmission, pipe washing and so on, the dye solution accurately and timely delivered to the target dyeing machine.

System Characteristics
can network with dyeing machine to run automatically, can also be single operation;
Min variable:2 g, with tolerance 0.01g

High precision and automatic color matching machine

Dust collection system to eliminate effects of dyestuff on the people and the environment
With extensibility, can distribute various dyestuff
Water mixer, automatical supply constant temperature water
Polished inside dissolving tank, rinsing system, full-enclosed, easy to clean on dissolving tank.
The distribution system of temperature controlled and hot water, with a partition heating device, can be used for the dissolution of different kinds of dyestuff.
Weighting plate with dehydration and drying function
Cleaning system by mixed water and air to make the pipe clean.

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